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Re: Questions About the Events of September 11th (off topic)

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<< Subj:     RE: Questions About the Events of September 11th (off topic)
 Date:  11/9/2002 9:58:35 AM Central Standard Time
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 Good Lord.
 It's bad enough that we have the constant and continuing misreporting and
 misrepresentation of facts in the New York Times, leading the public to
 believe the WTC towers were faulty, the engineer is to blame for the deaths
 of thousands (try the terrorists), and steel is the worst structural
 material one could ever consider when designing a building. Not to be
 outdone, the tabloid New York Post ran a story about an as-yet non-existent
 MIT researcher's book that "proves" the towers collapsed because of the
 failure of an equally non-existent one-bolt connection. And as will happen,
 said Mr. Murphy, it was made even worse when the AP News Wire flung the
 bogus Post story to every AP news outlet in the country, most of which
 printed it. I could not believe how many people forwarded the story to me so
 I would "know the truth".
 I won't even mention the whores who have used the events of September 11 to
 advance their own material and competitive interests. They know who they are
 and they should be ashamed.
 Now, Oliver Stone is apparently among us. I can see why people leave
 engineering for less frustrating lines of work.


Well said Charlie!!!

Will any of the engineer  techical journals  --  publications debunk the 
garbage the media is fostering  on the public about the collapse of the WTC  

So far only   ENR  has gone on record  about the misinformation spread by the 


Bob Johnson


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