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Re: ACI 318 - Defintion of Vp in Eq. 11-12 (Prestressed Concrete Des...

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The point is that what you are attempting to do is an academic exercise of little practical value.

The exact value of Vp will be difference for every inch along the beam, furthermore it will be different for every tendon.  

In addition,  however the tendons were located, the results probably did not come with great exactitude.  If it is a bonded job and you used radar to find the tendons,  you have found the ducts,  the strand position within the duct will vary.  If it is an unbonded job, which I am guessing it is, you have nine monostrand tendons,  each of which has a slightly different profile.

The best you can probably do is figure out what your maximum and minimums Vp values are likely to be.  But then what will you do?

If the beam has already cracked,  as they like to do in these cases, you have a problem, no matter what you have calculated for capacity.  If it has not already cracked, the usual response is to put some carbon fiber on it.

Gail Kelley