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RE: Brick Shelf Angles

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Mike, I design anything that vertically supports masonry for a deflection of L/600 AND less than 0.3" per ACI 530-99 1.10.1 on page C-10
I find that for longer spans it is real tough to meet the requirements of the 0.3"
Greg Meyer
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Subject: Brick Shelf Angles

What are the standards for deflection of brick supporting members?  Typically we design lintels for l/600 (standard lintels above windows, etc.).  If you apply this same criteria to for multi story buildings where you support the brick at each story or every other story it causes the beams (mainly the girder beams) to get MUCH heavier (easily doubling the weight per foot of the member).  Is there any other rules of thumb or guidance on this subject?  I have consulted Steel Design Guide 3 from AISC and was curious what others did?