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Re: Questions About the Events of September 11th (off topic)

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This email message reminds me how blessed we are to live in a free
society.  We take so much for granted.  I can only assume Mr. Ming has
grown up in a society where he must distrust everything the government
does and must be constantly looking over his shoulder.  It is sad that
all over the world human nature can do the evil atrocities that he
insinuates here.  I am so glad we are blessed with our free society that
makes it almost impossible for the scenario that he suggests to happen.

Lets look at this logically.  If Mr. Ming is correct in his assertions
there would have to be hundreds of people who would know the truth and
not speak up.  Our free press allows anyone who knows something to go
public with it, even anonymously.  How could the government hide all this
information from the press.  I think that would be impossible.  Just ask
Richard Nixon.  Sooner or later someone will speak.  Do you really think
an airforce pilot and all his support staff could keep it secret that he
took off with a load of missiles and landed with at least one less on the
day of the plane crashed near Pittsburg and NOBODY let it slip to the
press?  Do you really think a similar situation could happen with a
similar air force jet that was flying near the Pentagon?  Do you really
think that a team of construction demolition people could rig a building
for collapse and NOBODY on the team would mention it after it happens? 
Do you really think a 767 jet with passengers never flown into the tower,
but some other military weapon was used, and the government is still
hiding the passengers or has killed them secretly somewhere else?  Do you
really think that the dust at the WTC was something else other than
concrete and fire proofing?  Do you really think it was planned for one
tower to fall before the other?  Do you really think you would find human
remains of a collision accident of several hundred miles per hour
combined with an explosion?

Now if I was living in Iraq, Pakistan or one of many other dictator
countries around the world I would think the scenario of Mr. Ming would
be plausible.  But just ask the Russians, how long can you keep a secret
from the public?  Sooner or later someone creditable talks.  We have not
seen that yet, just Mr. Ming

Again, we are so blessed with are freedom, the envy of the world!  God
bless America!


On Sat, 9 Nov 2002 09:48:37 -0500 (EST) Min Young Park <pmy1970(--nospam--at)>
> As a structural engineer, have you ever wondered how
> the World Trade Center collaped by the airplanes?


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