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Re: Questions About the Events of September 11th (off topic)

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This link is an ENR article about two studies that will debunk some of
these statements.

                    The most comprehensive study yet on the destruction of
the World Trade Center concludes that
                     columns robbed of fireproofing failed first--not
floor trusses--when the twin 110-story towers
                     collapsed after being hit by terrorist plane attacks
on Sept. 11, 2001. The proof is in the smoke
                     that emanated from the burning towers before the

                       "There is no doubt left about the sequence of
failure," says Matthys P. Levy, chairman of
                     Weidlinger Associates Inc., the New York City-based
engineer that led the study.

                       "Failure of the floors...was shown not to have had
any significant role in the initiation of the
                     collapses," says the report. Levy describes the floor
truss system as "not unsubstantial," acting
                     more like a membrane than a one-way system. "There
was nothing wrong with it," he says. If the
                     floor trusses had collapsed first, there would have
been a mass of smoke as opposed to
                     differentiated smoke, floor by floor, he adds.


Davis G. Parsons II, PE RA AEI
a practical architectural engineer
in Fort Worth, Texas

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