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RE: 2001 CBC

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Title: RE: 2001 CBC

It will depend on what changes/ammendments the permitting jurisdiciton has made to the 2001 CBC.  Not much has changed from the 97 UBC/98 CBC unless you are working with State buildings.

However, if you are doing work in jurisdictions that have significant ammendments (Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County and maybe others), you will need to get a copy of their ammendments.  Examples from LACo:  R values for OMRF have gone from 4.5 to 3.5.  More significantly (for wood frame construction) are the revisions to Chap 23.  All wood shear wall values have been reduced significantly, in some case more than 50%.

Steve Widmayer, PE

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Hi all,

I haven't had a chance nor the need to be familiar with the 2001 CBC, is the
seismic design of Chapter 16 any different from the 98 CBC?

Thanks in advance

Ed Najjarine

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