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RE: 2x flat blocking in wood shearwalls

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Title: RE: 2x flat blocking in wood shearwalls

I was a plan reviewer but let's not speak of that unfortunate time. The concept is that there is not enough meat on the narrow edge of 2x for tight nailing patterns.  2x flat gives more than 2.5" to nail into and provides the necessary width.  The "Allowable Shear..." Table gives you minimum penetrations and shows 1.5 inches for 8d nails. So 2x flat is fine for 8d nails. 

The table does require 1.625 inch penetration for 10d nails, so if a plan reviewer was trying to keep your building from collapsing, they might require you to use 3x nominal for 10d nails to get the table required penetration. Personally I don't think an 1/8" would make too big of a difference.

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Subject: 2x flat blocking in wood shearwalls

I have a building official that says blocking of the unsupported edges must
be 3x. I always specify 2x flat for this condition.  The shear is around
450plf and 3x studs are used at the joints. The official says that the 2x
flat blocking does not give enough penetration for the nail. The shearwall
table for 7/16"OSB with 8d nails requires 1 1/2" penetration so I think it
works. Does anyone agree/disagree?

Charles Voelker, SE

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