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RE: Steel Seismic Design

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I think Charlie was thinking more in the lines of JFK w/ Kevin Costner. Another great movie by Stone.


I checked out that website, what a bunch of shit. He practically accused a demolition contractor of blowing up the buildings for the CIA.



Santa Clara, CA


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I would say the 97 provisions with Supplement 2, together would be of more value to us in California. We are stuck with the 97 UBC for another 3 years and it would be sometime until we start using the 02 Provisions.

On a different note, with all due respect, I believe, as everybody else, that you make a great contribution to this list. However, regarding your first response to the posting on the WTC collapse. Although I do not wish to opine on the cause of collapse. I do want to respond to your comment about Oliver Stone, who in my opinion, is one of the best directors ever. Whether you agree with his point of view or not, he at least makes people think with every movie he makes. Compared to some of the melodramatic or violent junk that comes into theaters every week, his work is by far in class of its own.

A clear example of his superb work is the visionary "Wall Street" which he made right before the crash of 87, and it resonates with reality more than ever now, with all the corruption in the market in the last few year. Another great one was "Platoon" that even some conservative war veterans who wouldn't agree with him on anything, have told me that it was the most realistic depiction of what happened in that war.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA