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Re: Stainless Steel Nuts

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>Will galling of the threads be a problem?
Probably. If you cuth the threads yourself, it'll definitely be a problem.

>Will use of Acme threads help?
No--surface pressure causing micro-welding is the problem, not thread 

>Is there a lubricant that will minimize the probability of galling?
I think there is but names elude me. You should contacting people who 
supply stainless fasteners.
> The
>structure will be of 316L.  Is there another stainless steel that would be
>better for the rods and nuts of this particular detail in order to minimize
Try to avoid matching hardness. Run a hard material on a softer one. If 
you can get bar made from 17-4 PH, you can temper it so it's enough 
harder than the 316L 

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