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Epoxy Floors over Precast

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I am working on a project where they want to put a 1/4" epoxy coating over a
non structural concrete topping (that has sawcut joints at about 12 feet on
center both ways) over a EDPM membrane on precast plank. The epoxy system
requires soft joints in the epoxy to align with the sawcuts in the concrete
topping plus a soft joint at the perimeter cove molding. The contractor has
proposed a seamless epoxy floor with no joints. I feel that the seamless
floor will hold the concrete joints from working and will probably cause
cracks to occur at random locations.

Rather than use epoxy, which is very hard and brittle, shouldn' t a more
flexible system be used such as a urethane?  Does anyone have any experience
with this type of installation? Do you know of any other flexible,
waterproof system to replace the epoxy?

Jim K.

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