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RE: Sliding

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It was my understanding that there was no difference in the coefficient of friction for a long footing from a short footing.  In buildings with long footings and short footings I had seen the same friction factor used.  97 UBC Table 18-I-A has sliding coefficients for footings based on soil type and it was my understanding that it was just the TAN(2/3*internal angle of friction). 
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Subject: Sliding

I have a question about sliding in long shear walls. In high seismic regions, sliding can govern footing sizes. Resistance is provided by the friction factor times the dead load weight (times appropriate factors) plus any passive pressure. This can also include return walls.

For long shear walls, it seems like there should be some sort of side friction factor also (similar to caisson skin friction). I have not seen this anywhere, but I would like some input about this possibility.

Richard Dahlmann, P.E.