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A new angle on "Sliding"

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We are currently reviewing a steel water tank that is approximately 300 feet
in diameter and approximately 40 feet high. The designer is proposing to not
have any anchorage from the tank to the perimeter ring foundation that the
tank wall is resting on. His point is that, there is sufficient friction
between the tank wall and the foundation to resist the seismic forces from
the tank itself and any sloshing forces from the water!

I have not in, my entire professional life, seen a case where a structure of
this magnitude would not use any positive anchorage from the superstructure
to the foundation. There is some code language in the UBC, such as sections
1605.2.3 and 1809.3, that deal with anchorage of walls and buildings. And to
me it is clear that what is being referred to in those sections is positive
anchorage. However, the designer is insisting that using friction is an
acceptable method of resisting seismic forces in tank design. Any input from
those experienced with this type structure is appreciated.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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