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RE: Sliding - Friction & passive resistance

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"Friction on side walls could be estimated by calculating the lateral soil
force on the side walls and multiplying by the soil friction coefficient."

That approach assumes that the soil pressure on the side is actually
present.  In many cases, the soil pressures given for design (often 30 -
50pcf) are grossly conservative based on the worst patch of soil at the site
in a moderately saturated condition, and probably don't exist on most of the
structure.  It is conservative to use such an approach for retaining wall
design, but would be unconservative to use as the basis for sliding
frictional resistance.  Of course, I'm talking here from the perspective of
a structural engineer who relies on the geotechnical engineering to give me
my generalized numbers.  If you actually work it out or specifically request
the geotech to work that out, you could probably get some reasonable value.

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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