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RE: Steel Ladders

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The two standards to which I refer for ladder design are ANSI A14.3 "American National Standard for Ladders - Fixed - Safety Requirements" and OSHA Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) 1910.27, "Fixed Ladders".  OSHA also has a booklet entitled "Stairway and Ladders", document No. 3124, which is helpful.  The OSHA documents can be downloaded from their website at  You have to be careful with the standards, because you will find that they have similar, but not identical, requirements.  For instance, ANSI will have one range of acceptable ladder widths, while OSHA will have another.  Thus, there is a more restrictive range of widths that will satisfy both documents.
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Subject: Steel Ladders

Does any one have a reference for vertical steel ladder standards or design.  The ladder type is one that is mounted on the exterior wall of a building to provide access to a flat roof for mechanical equipment maintenance.
I could not find any info in the UBC or UBC Standards.
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