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Re: Steel Ladders

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>Does any one have a reference for vertical steel ladder standards or 
>design.  The ladder type is one that is mounted on the exterior wall of a 
>building to provide access to a flat roof for mechanical equipment 
>I could not find any info in the UBC or UBC Standards

F840-83(1998)e1 Standard Specification for LADDERS, Fixed, Vertical, 
Steel, Ship's

There's also an ANSI standard A14.3, I think--anyway ANSI A14. something 
that governs fixed ladders, but the dumbass ANSI web site and the dumbass 
Global site claims they know nothing, and I don't have the patience to 
plow through it all. You migth also want to check out the OSHA regs to 
see if there's anything further governing your particular need.

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