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Clip angle connection to concrete

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I sometimes encounter connections of metal components to concrete using
metal angles attached to the concrete with drilled-in anchors. One example
is connecting a steel beam to concrete using clip angles similar to a
steel-to-steel connection. While steel-to-steel connections are typically
designed for shear in the connection bolts, I usually design connections to
concrete for the eccentrical loading due to the beam reaction at the
centroid of bolts or welds used to connect the beam to the clip angles. This
creates a prying force on the drilled-in anchor, so the top anchors into
concrete are checked for combined tension and shear. 

But I've seen other engineers just design for shear in the anchor bolts
similar to steel connection design. What is the basis for neglecting the
eccentricity? For steel connections, I assume that the eccentricity is
neglected based on test data and flexibility and ductility of the
connection. However, the connection to concrete is more rigid and has not
been tested like steel connections, so I feel that the eccentricity should
be accounted for. Is there any basis for neglecting the eccentricity? 

Another case is when a grating bears on a seat angle anchored to the face of
the concrete. Again I design for the eccentricity of the grating reaction on
the seat angle. Does design for this case differ from the beam connection

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