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Re: Factory Mutual - open web Joist spacing

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FM does have limitation on span of metal deck versus gage and deck profile for each metal deck manufacturer if I am not mistaken, which does impact the allowable spacing of the bar-joist.  You may want to  discuss with your client if they want to negociate with FM about their policy restrictions related to the roof deck span.  If your client pays large premiums a year to FM, FM might be willing to negociate with them about their restrictions (obviously FM doesn't want lose the insurance premiums), especially if you can demonstrate that the building is not located in a high wind region.

I haven't done this personally, but I have heard second hand that there are companies out there that negociate their insurance premiums with FM.  FM may be willing to insure a portion of the building, and possibly exclude the roof, etc.

Michael Cochran

In a message dated 11/15/02 4:51:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, johnenader(--nospam--at) writes:

I am working on a warehouse where Factory Mutual need to be followed if is it more conservative than the state code.  Today I was told that the joist spacing should be at 4'-0" o.c. maximum without been given a good reason.  I tried to search the F.M. but did not find any limitation on the joist spacing except that the metal deck gage control the spacing.  Have anyone used this code and been asked the spaced the joist at 4'-0" o.c.



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