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Re: Standard Gages

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>Is there any
>sort of officially adopted US reference standard that defines gage thickness
>for sheet metal?
The gage numbers originally denoted the weight of material based on an 
assumed weight of 41.82 lb/sq ft per inch of thickness. That's a density 
of 0.29042 lb/in^3 (which isn't actually the density of steel). 
Accordingly 20 ga sheet is supposed to weigh 1.5 lb/sq ft (actually 24 
oz/sq ft--see edition 7 of the AISC Handbook) and the corresponding 
thickness is 0.0359 in. The thicknesses in handbooks are derived numbers 
and they'll vary depending on the density used to go from weight to 
thickness. You can see how the confusion got started. Best practice is to 
order by thickness. Gage numbers will make you crazy.

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