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RE: Openings in Existing Masonry

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I do not.  The stuff has dried and shrank already so why do I need shrinkage steel?
George Richards, P. E.
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From: Paul Feather [mailto:pfeather(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 7:43 AM
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Subject: Re: Openings in Existing Masonry

How do you comply with this for existing masonry? 
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Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 3:51 PM
Subject: RE: Openings in Existing Masonry

Paul,  I hope this helps...Recently, we have had several requests to enlarged openings in concrete walls (mainly to meet the egress requirement) in residential one and two family dwellings.  I believe we require two # 5's around all window and door openings, extending beyond the corners at least 24".  Reference 1994 UBC 1914.3.7         This is seismic zone 4.  I'm curious to read what other parts of the country do...  Martin 
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From: Paul Feather [mailto:pfeather(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 11:22 AM
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Subject: Openings in Existing Masonry

What is the consensus regarding reinforcing around an opening cut into an existing concrete masonry wall?  (fairly new construction, not URM)  I am considering small openings less than four feet.
The code requirement for steel around the opening extending beyond is empirical, and is for all four sides.  I have seen angles top and bottom with one leg cut away extending beyond the opening both with and without a vertical member each side as well as inset frames without extension beyond the opening.
Any input regarding current practice, or alternate methods?