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RE: Reinforced Concrete Dome Design

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I think you should look at the following publications which are design oriented which I believe you are looking for:
1. Design of Circular Domes: PCA publication No. IS076.01D
2. On the Elastic Design of Concrete Domes" By; M.N. Pavlovic and
     A  Zingoni, Structural Engineering Review" Vol. 6 No. 2, 1994
3.  Design Constants for Interior Cylindrical Concrete Shells" PCA   
     publication, 1960.
4. Coefficients for Design of Cylindrical shell Roofs" PCA publication, 1959
     (This publication is an extension of ASCE Manual No. 31 "Design of Shell 
5. Chapter 14 " Thin Shell Structures" by: W.C. Schnobrich in "Handbook of   
     Concrete Engineering Ed.By: Mark Fintel  Published by Van Nostrand      
      Reinhold Co, 1974.
There are many publications available. At this time I only recall the above publications 
Himat Solanki
>>> JAdair(--nospam--at) 11/20/02 10:05AM >>>
In my thin shells class in school, we used "Thin Shell Concrete Structures,
2nd Edition" by David P. Billington.  It's published by McGraw-Hill, but at
the time (1996), it was a "Classic Textbook Reissue" -- I don't think they
regularly print it.  It's a very theoretically-based book, and it has quite
a few typos, but it was a good book for use in a class taught by a professor
who was a real expert in concrete thin shells.  He was able to walk us
through the fourth-order partial differential equations (haven't seen one of
those since the class) and teach us how to apply the theory to design.
There might be more practice-oriented references out there, but this one is
good for the underlying theory.
-- Joel
Joel C. Adair, PE
Halff Associates, Inc. 
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Subject: Reinforced Concrete Dome Deisgn

Does anyone know of any good references specifically for Reinforced concrete
domes, shells and plates structures?
G. Awwad   SE

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