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RE: Reinforced Concrete Dome Design

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Title: RE: Reinforced Concrete Dome Design

I think this may not have gone through, so I'm reposting.  Sorry if it's a repeat.

In my thin shells class in school, we used "Thin Shell Concrete Structures, 2nd Edition" by David P. Billington.  It's published by McGraw-Hill, but at the time (1996), it was a "Classic Textbook Reissue" -- I don't think they regularly print it.  It's a very theoretically-based book, and it has quite a few typos, but it was a good book for use in a class taught by a professor who was a real expert in concrete thin shells.  He was able to walk us through the fourth-order partial differential equations (haven't seen one of those since the class) and teach us how to apply the theory to design.  There might be more practice-oriented references out there, but this one is good for the underlying theory.

-- Joel

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Does anyone know of any good references specifically for Reinforced concrete domes, shells and plates structures?

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