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Re: Steel Ladders

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I saw many steel ladder called out.  I could not find information in the UBC.  Maybe it's located in OSHA guideline.  Most steel ladder combine of:

3/4" dia. round bar at 12" max.

flat bar 1/2" x 2-1/2 on each side and 18" apart.  Let 3/4" dia R.B. runs thru flat bar and use plug weld each end, grind welds and sharpe corners smooth.

provide 6 or 7inches clear from the centerline of  the 3/4" dia. rounded bars to face of the wall.

provide support spacing at 4' to 6'.

provide galvanize after fab. and galvanize expansion bolts, if expose or exterior use.

if you have long (may be 15' to 25') steel ladder, use case to enclose.

hope this help

 Ray Shreenan <rshreenan(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Does any one have a reference for vertical steel ladder standards or design.  The ladder type is one that is mounted on the exterior wall of a building to provide access to a flat roof for mechanical equipment maintenance.
I could not find any info in the UBC or UBC Standards.
Thanks in advance,
Ray Shreenan SE

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