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Bar vs. Wire

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My original question probably didn't make much sense - I was reading something that seemed to imply that A 496 wire was supplied on coils - which for D31 wire (#5 bar size) does seem a little difficult to deal with.  Also,  since I had never seen A 496 used, I was curious as to how common it was.

This is the material used to make welded wire fabric.  I don't have my ASTMs with me but I think there is a slight difference between wire supplied as wire and wire supplied as fabric.  I think wire supplied as wire has a yield strength of 75 ksi and a tensile strength of 85 ksi; versus a yield strength of 80 ksi and  tensile strength of 90 ksi for wire supplied as fabric.

Grade 60 rebar (A 615) has a yield strength of 60 ksi and a tensile strength of 90 ksi, so there is a difference between bar and wire in the relative magnitudes.  

Its my understanding that Grade 75 bar is available for #6 and larger bar but I don't know how easy it is to get.  A 496 wire is only available up to D31 (#5 bar size).

Gail S. Kelley

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