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RE: Grout under Base Plates

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The following is taken from our specifications.  I have found that this material flows well.  Master Builders also has less expensive grouts, but this is the one that should be selected, especially if it is supporting vibrating equipment.

	Grout under all structural steel base plates shall be Masterflow 928 non-shrink grout by Master Builders.
	All non-shrink grouts shall be placed in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
	Drypack, where indicated on the drawings, shall be composed of one part cement and not more than 2-1/2 parts sand.  Drypack shall be mixed dry with only sufficient water added to allow balling without slump, and shall be thoroughly rammed into place.

From: "Reza Dashti Asl" <rezadashti(--nospam--at)>
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Grout under base plate

The gap under some base plates in one of our jobs will be from 0 to 2" due 
to concrete (mis)placement. Columns are designed as pinned and some of them 
have bracings (for seismic zone 3 and wind). Base plates are welded to 
columns. What kind of grout do you specify for gaps less than 1/2"?(For gaps 
between 1/2" and 2" I am going to use a cementitious non-shrinking grout, 
like Five Star) Any other concerns? I'll appreciate all comments.

Reza Dashti

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