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RE: Parking Garages in Canada

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Is there a requirement in Canada that all new parking structures have a
membrane applied to the slabs?

If so,  how are the requirements for the membrane specified?

Is this a requirement or just standard practice?

Gail S. Kelley, P.E.



Construction in Canada is regulated by Provincial Building Codes (unless
it's a federal building). Ontario's Code is on-line, other provinces
probably have their Codes on-line too.

Most of the Provincial Codes are modelled on the National Building Code
(which is not available on-line).

In Ontario, the Code references CSA S413 for parking garage design and
construction. The codes of other provinces may or may not reference S413 -
I'm not sure because I don't have the latest copy of the NBC.

You can find S413 described at:

The requirement for a membrane, or a sealer, is addressed in S413. It
depends on the structural system and the degree of exposure. I don't have
S413, although I have used it in the past.

If it is a cast-in-place non-prestressed structure, it will need a membrane.

If it is a pre-tensioned precast structure, eg double-tees, it doesn't need
a membrane. I think it needs a sealer.

If it is a cast-in-place post-tensioned structure, I don't think it needs a
membrane, but I think it needs a sealer, and there may be other

There are other requirements, for example relating to epoxy-coated
reinforcement, minimum slopes, drains, splash zones, etc, all covered in

Peter James

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