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Re: Shearheads/Studrails

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I've never tried to use shearheads although I've looked at existing buildings with them.  I don't think they look worthwhile considering the other options available.  I've used studrails quite a bit fairly sucessfully.  Some of the engineers in my office refuse to use them and stick with shear caps.  The biggest problem I've had is with MEP coordination.  Invariably there are going to be needs for sleeves near the columns.  I think the biggest issue is to make sure the architect and the MEP engineers know what is happening EARLY.  There are bound to be some areas that require some close coordination to ensure that rebar and PT needs aren't compromised.

Eric Ober

Paul Crocker wrote:
We looked at using shearheads on a job once, but they caused some congestion problems and I don't think they priced out very well.  They were eliminated in favor of stud rails. 
We have had success working with stud rails.  The only field problem (aside from the kind of routine misplacement that plagues anything) that I have seen was a case where the studs were closely spaced and had large stud heads on them, leaving insufficient room to fit a PT cable between the stud heads.  This forced them to thread the PT in that area between the studs rather than passing it down from above.  This was a little extra work, but the main problem was one of sequencing.  In terms of routine misplacing, I have seen cases where a small pipe sleeve ran along a column face, and the stud rails were shifted away from the column to make room for the pipe sleeve.  Moving them away from the column face, of course, makes them almost completely useless.  Where steps or slope occur in the slab, a little extra thought must be given to the stud rail detailing to make sure there aren't height conflicts. 
There is another competing product, the Shear Band.  I have never used this, but their presentations look interesting.  Their web site is
Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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Subject: Shearheads/Studrails

Shearheads (structural steel I or channel shapes used as shear reinforcing in slabs) are discussed at great length in ACI 318 (11.12.4).

Has anyone ever used shearheads?  If so,  what were the circumstances and was the experience "positive"?

Any comments, positive or negative, on using Studrails (headed studs on a rail)?

Gail S. Kelley, P.E.