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Re: Shearheads/Studrails

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We have used shearheads in one application for a couple of limited locations.  The resulting construction was straight forward, there were no issues, and the structure has been performing adequately for several years without any signs of distress.  We opted for conventional shearheads in this application because of the limited quantity (4 locations at one level with non-typical geometry in a 32 story project) and magnitude of load.
We use Studrails extensively.  All our experiences have been positive.  We do not push the envelope of studrail capacity.  Installation is easy and does not interfere with the remaining bar placement the way I shapes or Channels can.  In our experience for typical flat plates stud rails work effectively for the equivalent of a 2" to 2.5" drop head or less.  Beyond this, in my opinion, you are pushing the limits of applicability and trying to force the design. 
Cost of studrail systems has decreased in recent times due to increased competition in the market place.  Of course economy of scale is important.
I would be most interested to hear if anyone has had a negative experience using studrails.
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Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 6:14 AM
Subject: Shearheads/Studrails

Shearheads (structural steel I or channel shapes used as shear reinforcing in slabs) are discussed at great length in ACI 318 (11.12.4).

Has anyone ever used shearheads?  If so,  what were the circumstances and was the experience "positive"?

Any comments, positive or negative, on using Studrails (headed studs on a rail)?

Gail S. Kelley, P.E.