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Pinned joint of Concrete Structures

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A pinned connection in reinforced concrete is not the same as it is in steel structures.
In fact it is better to say "plastic hinges" instead of pinned connection. In practical there are two way to design a connection not carrying bending moments (plastic hinge).
first, bending the longitudinal rebars approx. 45 degrees in the related section to prevent it carrying the couple forces of the beding moment and the second placing very little rebars.
The second options will able to carry a little bending moment till the rebars yield. This is called the plastic moment of the plastic hinge. In the first option you may have nearly zero moment but large and uncontrolled crack width.

Is is for you to control the behaviour of R.C.

Bülent Deveci

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Konu: Pinned joint of Concrete Structures
Tarih: 11/23/2002 12:11:29 AM
How can I make joints of concrete structure into pinned joints in practical?
When I design a concrete structure, I can assume like this one is pinned and
that one is fixed. However, in the drawings or in practical, the fixed and
pinned joints of concrete are almost same. Therefore, I may think that the
concept of pinned and fixed joint in concrete structures is unnecessary. Is
it right? If it is wrong, how can pinned joints be made or built in

Jeong Yang

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