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Re: Lateral Analysis Software for Wood Structures?

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Well said. I agree with everything you had to say (including your comments on good old QLAT) with perhaps one exception. The local CBO does not have the authority to over-ride the plain language in the code. He may "approve" a flexible analysis but the end result (irrespective of how the calculations are performed) must be a design that will sustain the loads required by the code. As a practical matter, the only time a design will probably be closely scrutinized would be in a litigation over something else (usually waterproofing problems or condominiums). Flexible diaphragm analysis on multi-unit jobs around here is like playing Russian roulette with 5 bullets in your 6 shooter (although a 20% load bump would handle most situations). I haven't tried the newest version of Woodworks (I'm still using Enercal for the loads), I'm hoping they continue to improve it.
Chuck Utzman,P.E.

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