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Re: Penetrations in Grade Beams

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Brian, John,

        Usually you don't have the luxury of being able to relocate a grade beam penetration to suit our own convenience.  On the other hand, you usually do have unrestricted choice of using what ever width and/or depth of grade beam your little heart desires.  This should allow you to accommodate any grade beam penetration in much the same way you would accommodate a penetration in a shear wall; just design whatever remains of the grade beam above and below the penetration to carry the required loading.


H. Daryl Richardson

John Nader wrote:

I have never seen any books on this subject.  Penetrating thru a grade beam is the same as penetrating thru an elevated beam.  The ACI-318 , I think the first chapter gives the sizes and rules.  (If you can't find let me know).  Stay away from the end of the beam where the shear is high. John 
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Subject: Penetrations in Grade Beams
 Does anyone have any good resources for penetrations in
reinforced concrete grade beams?

Thanks in advance

Brian Spencer
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