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Re: Fracture in concrete

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>In reinforced concrete (not talking prestressed at the moment), concrete
>is ALWAYS considered cracked for strength design. 
That's the way I learned about it. You figure the moment of inertia based 
only on the portion of concrete which carries compression. Equivalent 
sections and all that. From your note I gather that the magic bullet 
against brittle behavior is incorporating reinforcing or prestressing to 
carry loading that would otherwise be applied as tension in concrete. 
Without tension there's no brittle fracture. More accurately if you can 
insure that a crack won't open under service loading you won't get the 
kind of brittle behavior described by linear elastic fracture mechanics. 
In effect it seems like the built-in compression helps prevent cracking 
(surface cracking, at least, which is the most severe) with tempered 
glass and shot peening metals.

Much obliged for your guidance. You're right--I've never gotten into 
concrete. I guess it shows.

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