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RE: GLB allowable stress

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I believe, it is the very old AITC code which is curently called ANSI/AITC
A190.1. When I had one of these, I made a conservative estimate for Fb and
Fv and luckily it worked. You may wish to contact AITC <> . 
Suresh Achraya, P.E.
Richmond, CA

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Subject: GLB allowable stress

I have an old drawing of a wood framed roof plan.  It calls for GLB 5.125 x
24 beams.  The notes said "GLB... shall be manufactured in accordance with
commercial standard CS-253".  The building is circa 1970.  Anyone know how I
can find out what was the allowable stress on those GLB beams?  Thanks.
Y i   Y a n g  P. E.
Summit Engineering Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA

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