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Re: GLB allowable stress

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CS-253 is the product standard and does not contain the specific lay-up information.  The lay-up combinations and allowable design values are contained in the AITC 117 standard. If you can find any information regarding the lay-up used, for example 24F-V4, Jeff should be able to provide design values. If you don't have the lay-up combination, you may be able to use conservative values.
It is also very important to know which version of the standard was referenced. There was substantial changes from the late 60's to the early 70's. The AITC 117-1971 required the "special" tension laminations. Prior to that, no special tension laminations were required. If the GLB's were manufactured without the "special" tension laminations, a 25% reduction of the bending design value is appropriate.
I suggest contacting Jeff Linville, Technical Services Manager at AITC.  AITC has copies of all versions of AITC 117.
Contact Jeff Linville at:
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Subject: GLB allowable stress

I have an old drawing of a wood framed roof plan.  It calls for GLB 5.125 x 24 beams.  The notes said "GLB... shall be manufactured in accordance with commercial standard CS-253".  The building is circa 1970.  Anyone know how I can find out what was the allowable stress on those GLB beams?  Thanks.
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