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RE: Single Plate Connection of Collectors Procedure

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Charlie stated:

>That is, if you have an SCBF, the brace will be
>configured to yield and/or buckle. The collector connection would then not
>ever see more than the force in it associated with brace yielding and
>buckling. The ductile failure mode requirement applies to the fuse element
>in seismic systems. Other elements just need to be able to hang in through
>the failure of the fuse, regardless of limit state controlling.

I have worked on several projects where the maximum L/r and b/t ratios of
the braces governed.  In these structures there was significant excess
capacity and the braces would be adequate if we assumed R=1.  In such
situations the overstrength factors used for collectors may not insure that
the capacity of the  collector is stronger than that of the brace.

Mark Gilligan

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