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What are different ways to provide collectors in a steel framed building
with concrete shear walls?

rebar in the slab, adjacent to and parallel to the shear wall
A line of steel beams, adjacent to and parallel to the shear wall

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

It would seem that the rebar in the slab is most efficient. How is the slab
designed to carry the compressive force so that it doesn't buckle between
beams? a column? (Maybe this isn't a concern)
The steel beam line would have to have connections designed to resist
tension or compression at their joints. What is the best way to design or
specify this?

Where a shear wall does not have a slab adjacent to it (such as an exterior
wall with a stair adjacent to it), what is a good way to drag the force into

Any ideas or comments are welcome.

Jim K.

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