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RE: Metal Building Notes and Other Gripes

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See below...

> > 2) Embedment length, concrete mix (strength, slump, etc.), tie requirements,
> > etc. are not determined by the PEMB manufacturers and the chosen design
> > requirements may not even be known by us.
> Disagree.
> Again, I would prefer you specify anchor rod embedment length, concrete mix
> design minimums, and tie requirements, should you feel the last two are
> necessary.

And are you willing to surrender some of your fee for the PEMB to do some
of your work (i.e. mix design minimums and tie requirements).  Why should
the PEMB do some design work that is not part of their scope of work or
expertise, which is the metal building superstructure not the foundations.
Basically, you are expecting them to do something that you really don't
want to do.  Just as you don't really want to deal with the anchor bolts
and think that is their responsibility, they don't want to deal with the
foundation and think that is your responsiblity.  Not to mention that
ultimately as the EOR, you have responsibility over the whole project

> >
> > With all of this in mind, giving the designer: 1) the size of the anchor
> > bolt, 2) minimum material properties for the anchor bolts, and 3) the
> > reactions, this seems like a fairly solvable problem (designing the anchor
> > bolt embedment and footing sizes) yet this approach also offers a lot of
> > flexibility for the footing "expert" to come up with an efficient design.
> Disagree.
> Design structural engineers do not get paid for designs after the contract is
> bid.  [Yeah, that's a gross generalization, but exceptions to it make the
> rule.]  Such is the nature of the industry.  Either the GC must hire a
> "foundation" engineer, or the EOR must do the work after the contract for
> construction is awarded.  ALL I NEED IS THE EMBED.  If you can provide that,
> even with a long list of caveats and clauses, I'm good.  If nothing else, it
> gives us a starting point.
> >

Then maybe you need to rework your contract language.  If you are making
changes to the project after bid due to new information outside of your
control, then you SHOULD be paid for it.  Do you include hours in your
projects for shop drawing review?  If so, then you shold be able to "add"
a few hours in you originial estimate on projects with PEMB that would
allow you to adjust the foundation design one you get the PEMB drawings (i.e.
essentially shop drawings).  This may not be as good as getting some
provisions into your contract to cover such changes, but could help.

> > Do you really want someone who has no knowledge of the concrete mix being
> > used, slab layout desired, quality of soil on the local jobsite (more
> > detailed than what is required for seismic calculations) to determine the
> > anchor bolt embedment and foundation configurations?
> Not the foundation configuration (though that's often ignored).  Just give me
> an embedment length.  If it doesn't fit in the foundation, I'll fix it, or
> we'll talk about alternatives.

But if does not fit the foundation system and you must either fix it or
talk about alternatives, aren't you right back to your problem about doing
work after the project has been bid and you supposedly can't get extra
fee?  Now, not only are you working without pay (assuming that take the
talk about alternatives route) but so is the PEMB.

Just playing devil's advocate...

Ypsilanti, MI

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