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MBMA Issues

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Keith Fix wrote:

My biggest problem with metal building manufacturers is anticipating their
design decisions and standard details.  If that industry could get some
and detailing standards set in stone for the rest of us, it would go a long
toward making my life easier.


1) Structural engineers do not standardize design and detail standards.  It
is probably not reasonable the expect MBMA manufacturer's to do so.

2a) The MBMA manufacturer's do have a 2002 edition of their Metal Building
Systems Manual.  Section IV of this Manual is entitled Common Industry
Practice, and has addresses topics to that in the AISC Code Of Standard
Practice.  Specifically Sec. 3.2.2 prescribes who has what responsibilities
for Foundation Design.

"3.2.2 Foundation Design

The Manufacturer is not responsible for the design, materials, and
workmanship of the foundation.  Anchor bolt plans prepared by the
Manufacturer are intended show only location, diameter, and projection of
the anchor bolts required to attach the Metal Building System to the
foundation.  The Manufacturer is responsible for providing to the Builder
the loads imposed by the Metal Building System on the foundation.  It is
the responsibility of the End Customer to insure that adequate provisions
are made for specifying bolt embedment, bearing angles, tie rods, and/or
other associated items embedded in the concrete, as well as foundation
design for the loads imposed by the Metal Building System, other imposed
loads, and the bearing capacity of the soil and other conditions of the
building site."

2b) This is similar to the way we anchor equipment in industrial
structures.  The equipment manufacturer provides us loads and anchor bolt
diameters.  It is up to us to anchor it properly to the supporting
structure or foundation.

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo, CA

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