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>I've also had a fellow engineer tell me that a fabricator told him that you
>couldn't do a full pen weld of a TS section to a flat plate.  Is that true?
>I told him I hadn't heard of that before.
Technically true, but it depends a great deal on the welder's skill and 
the process. It's almost impossible to completely guarantee that there's 
complete penetration if the welder can't get to the back side of the weld 
and backchip and lay a small pass on the back side of the original root 
pass. Moreove some shops are reluctant to guarantee full penetration if 
they can't see the backside of the completed weld. Good joint design and 
fit up and careful welding will minimize burn-through and provide 
effectively full penetration. This kind of weld is done on pressure 
vessels and piping every day of necessity. I've seen welds made from one 
side where the workmanship is exceptional. It's not easy but it's doable.

Welding has a lot of myths and can't-be-dones, some of which are true or 
were once true. Others are just local options or preferences. The best 
way to find out what really can't be done is getting to know as many 
welders as you can.

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