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Re: Fire truck loads

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I am not aware of any standard load configuration.  This is probably
largely due to the variety in types of fire trucks.  There are pure pump
trucks (I believe) that don't actually carry water but only pump the water
when attached to a fire hydrant.  There are pump/tanker trucks that are
mainly to pump when attached to a hydrant (or other water source) but also
have a reserve tank for when no water source is present...thus, then can
be extremely heavy.  There are ladder trucks, some of which that will have
stabilizer legs that come down when the ladder goes up to take the load to
the ground as well as stabilize the truck better due to the wider stance
and some which just rely on the tires (i.e. much smaller ladder trucks).

Thus, you might be forced to find a range of possible truck configurations
(either by what is available on the market or what the local fire
departments have on hand) and then use those for your design check.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Kevin Below wrote:

> I need to check an existing concrete slab over a parking garage for the
> weight of a fire truck of 80,000 lb.  The client thinks he has the
> structural drawings for the slab (hallelujah!) so I will know the
> reinforcement and concrete design strength.
> Is there a standard load configuration for a fire truck in any of the US
> codes ?
> Any ideas about what the maximum wheel load or axle load might be with
> the ladder up ? (It's alongside an 11-storey building).
> What area of tire contact should be used ?  I usually calculate tire
> contact areas by dividing the wheel  load by the tire pressure, but what
> tire pressure so they use typically with big tires like this ?
> Any ideas and help would be appreciated.
> Kevin Below, Quebec
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