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California School construction requirements

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California SE's and especially DSA engineers:

Apparently DSA requires, or recently required, forming concrete footings for
schools in such a way that form stakes will not penetrate the footings.

I have two-and-a-half questions regarding this:

1    Is this still a DSA requirement?

2    If so, are there any documented cases of building failure or even
footing failure due to voids left in the footings after form stakes were
removed?  (Shrinkage cracks at holes don't count as "failure"....)

2.5   Or is this just a way to waste California taxpayers' money and create
a market for renting special forming systems that some of the larger
concrete accessory suppliers provide?

Curious to hear any comments, and to see if any other state or agency has
such requirements.

Thor Matteson,
California taxpayer and parent of children who attend aging, overcrowded
schools  (can you guess my position on this issue?)

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