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RE: Fire truck loads

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Try contacting the building department of the city that the building is located in.  Some jurisdictions will define the required truck and outrigger loads for you.  I have seen a few of those but haven't seen any national standards.  You could also try calling the Fire Marshall's office for the jurisdiction, as they sometimes handle that for the building department.  In my (limited) experience, the outrigger load is the tricky one. 
Paul Crocker, PE, SE
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Subject: Fire truck loads

I need to check an existing concrete slab over a parking garage for the weight of a fire truck of 80,000 lb.  The client thinks he has the structural drawings for the slab (hallelujah!) so I will know the reinforcement and concrete design strength.
Is there a standard load configuration for a fire truck in any of the US codes ?
Any ideas about what the maximum wheel load or axle load might be with the ladder up ? (It's alongside an 11-storey building).
What area of tire contact should be used ?  I usually calculate tire contact areas by dividing the wheel  load by the tire pressure, but what tire pressure so they use typically with big tires like this ?
Any ideas and help would be appreciated.
Kevin Below, Quebec

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