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Re: California School  construction requirements

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DSA requirements used to be that footings either needed to be formed or additional 1 inch cover of concrete added if poured neat to account for caving of the side walls of the footing. If you don't recognize the caving issue, it sounds like you don't do much field observation of foundation work. 

You have a curious view on establishing a criteria for the loading a footing is supposed to take, then ignoring it.  Would not an interior stake infringe on cover requirements?

But to the real world, normally when contractors form a footing, they place the form stakes outside the forms so they can remove them easily.  If so placed, they do not infringe on the footing.

As a School Board Member and a Structural Engineer, I applaud the way DSA manages the oversight of school building construction in California to keep our school children safe.  You can see the results by looking at the injury and fatality statistics for school children vs. the general public in California earthquakes to see they are doing an excellent job.

Bill Cain, S.E.
Albany  CA

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