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Repairing delaminated glue-lam beam

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I seek comments on the repair of at least one four-year-old delaminating
glue-lam beam.  There are two beams in question--both are 5-1/8 x 13-1/2
24F-V8, spanning continuously over a center post.  The portion that is
delaminating  the worst is about five feet from one end;  there is a gap
between the bottom lamination and the remaining beam.  This gap is over half
the width of the lamination at its widest, and extends for about four feet
along the beam.  The span with the worst delaminating is about 22 feet.  The
beam supports a roof  in a house about 4 miles from my house, and I know
that it has not gotten its full snow load in its short lifetime.  This beam
and its twin have several other areas where glue joints appear to have
separated very slightly.  To me this indicates problems during fabrication.

AITC   Technical Note #14 states that before one repairs a delaminated
joint, one should rule out causes such as poor adhesive quality, uneven
surfacing of the lamination, inadequate adhesive curing or improper
temperature, etc.  These questions seem fine if you are inspecting beams
coming out of the fabrication line so you can save the NEXT beams to get
built, but for a beam that is already in place, I do not understand why the
initial cause during fabrication would affect the solution on chooses.

The beam manufacturer will be presenting proposals to the Owner to repair
the beam, and I promised to submit the problem to the SEAINT brain trust for
comments.  Didn't find anything in the Archives.  Naturally I have advised
them to get a written statement from the manufacturer that says the repair
will last for the life of the structure, and that I will need a copy of that
statement for our files.

Thanks for any suggestions or comments--

Thor Matteson

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