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Corrugated Pipe Arch

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The first place I would look is in AASHTO Bridge Specs.

For a Q & D answer, I have "Handbook of Steel Drainage & Highway Construction 
Products," published by AISI.  Mine is 2nd Edition, published in 1971 (and 
still stiff from non-use).  Chapter 3 is "Structural Design," and Example 4 
on page 103 has the analysis of a pipe arch.  Lotsa height-of-cover tables 
also in Chapter 3.

I believe that Armco also had a similar book.

If this is going to be a one or two time loading, the culvert could be shored 
during the transit time.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Ron Martin wrote:

. > I am trying to get a better idea where to direct a Client to for 
. > assistance with an existing arch culvert they use at their facility. Has 
. > anyone ever had experience with culverts and can tell me where would be 
. > best to direct my Client. I had him check a general Civil/structural firm 
. > and apparently they did not know how to analyze it. I know I do not have 
. > any experience with it. Also, does anyone know a good reference for 
. > design information on this subject?

. > I anyone is familiar with this type of design and is in the Bham,AL or 
. > East Missisippi area, contact me if they are interested in the project.

. > The following should give a general idea of the structure he needs 
. > analyzed. --concrete base 12' wide
. > --corrugated metal arch 8' tall made from 12 gauge
. > --has 2' of fill material over it; clay and gravel
. > --loading would be a 75,000 lb drill rig driving over the arch
. > --opening in arch is used to run a conveyor through while the trucks drive
. > overhead.

. > Ron Martin
. > Tuscaloosa, AL

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