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Re: Corrugated Pipe Arch

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The work is most efficiently done by a culvert manufacturer. A Contech representative should be able to help your client. The link to Contech's web site is given below. I am sure you can find a representative local to your client's location.


 MSSROLLO(--nospam--at) wrote:

I am trying to get a better idea where to direct a Client to for assistance with an existing arch culvert they use at their facility. Has anyone ever had experience with culverts and can tell me where would be best to direct my Client. I had him check a general Civil/structural firm and apparently they did not know how to analyze it. I know I do not have any experience with it. Also, does anyone know a good reference for design information on this subject?

I anyone is familiar with this type of design and is in the Bham,AL or East Missisippi area, contact me if they are interested in the project.

The following should give a general idea of the structure he needs analyzed.
--concrete base 12' wide
--corrugated metal arch 8' tall made from 12 gauge
--has 2' of fill material over it; clay and gravel
--loading would be a 75,000 lb drill rig driving over the arch
--opening in arch is used to run a conveyor through while the trucks drive overhead.

Ron Martin
Tuscaloosa, AL

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