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Repairing delaminated glue-lam beam

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Has the end of the beam been notched or kerfed?  The end of a GLB is a very 
unusual place for a GLB to delaminate, particularly the bottom lamination.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Thor Matteson wrote:

. > I seek comments on the repair of at least one four-year-old delaminating
. > glue-lam beam.  There are two beams in question--both are 5-1/8 x 13-1/2
. > 24F-V8, spanning continuously over a center post.  The portion that is
. > delaminating  the worst is about five feet from one end;  there is a gap
. > between the bottom lamination and the remaining beam.  This gap is over 
. > half the width of the lamination at its widest, and extends for about 
. > four feet along the beam. The span with the worst delaminating is about 
. > 22 feet.  The beam supports a roof  in a house about 4 miles from my 
. > house, and I know that it has not gotten its full snow load in its short 
. > lifetime. This beam and its twin have several other areas where glue 
. > joints appear to have separated very slightly. To me this indicates 
. > problems during fabrication.

. > AITC   Technical Note #14 states that before one repairs a delaminated
. > joint, one should rule out causes such as poor adhesive quality, uneven
. > surfacing of the lamination, inadequate adhesive curing or improper
. > temperature, etc.  These questions seem fine if you are inspecting beams
. > coming out of the fabrication line so you can save the NEXT beams to get
. > built, but for a beam that is already in place, I do not understand why 
. > the initial cause during fabrication would affect the solution on chooses.

. > The beam manufacturer will be presenting proposals to the Owner to repair
. > the beam, and I promised to submit the problem to the SEAINT brain trust 
. > for comments.  Didn't find anything in the Archives.  Naturally I have 
. > advised them to get a written statement from the manufacturer that says 
. > the repair will last for the life of the structure, and that I will need a
. > copy of that statement for our files.

. > Thanks for any suggestions or comments--

. > Thor Matteson

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