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VIRUS: Electronic Greeting Card

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Hi all:

Sorry, but I was the victim of an e-mail virus that just sent you an "e-card".  Do not click on the attached links in that e-mail, or the same fate will happen to you!

Below is a description of this virus and what it does.  Again, sorry to inconvenience you.

Scott Maze

> =======================================================================================================================
> BEWARE of Electronic Greeting Cards 
> FYI, Just in Time for the Holidays: Those cute little electronic greeting 
> cards you occasionally get from friends may be a real problem. The ones I'm 
> speaking of are those where there's a link that says "[Some Name] has sent 
> you a greeting card. Go here to get your greeting card". 
> There's a new card company called "". When you get a card 
> notification from them and click on the link, it will take you to their 
> site. You will be notified that you have to install an ActiveX control in 
> order to view the card. When you begin to install, the first thing that 
> pops up is what is known as a "EULA" (End User License Agreement). It is 
> very long, and you will not read it. They're counting on that. When you 
> scroll to the bottom of it and click "Accept," you have agreed to the terms 
> of the EULA. 
> Part of what you will have agreed to is to have monitoring/spyware software 
> installed on your computer which will periodically report a vast array of 
> data back to the card company. The other part that you've agreed to is to 
> have the software send mail to EVERY SINGLE ADDRESS IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK. 
> In short, you've voluntarily agreed to install a virus-type product on your 
> machine. This is not a good thing. 
> See: <,,t269-s2124528,00.html> for details. 
> Also 
> <> 
> Since there is no virus in the email itself, and since you're VOLUNTARILY 
> agreeing to install the ActiveX component, VIRUS CHECKERS & AntiVirus 
> programs WILL NOT CATCH THIS. 
> Just a reminder: DO NOT OPEN EMAIL ATTACHMENTS when you are not expecting 
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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