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RE: AISC Seismic Provisions (WAS Seismic bracing system- Knee-bra ced Frames)

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>Is it still true that the entire AISC
>"Seismic Provisions" package is only
>applicable to buildings, unless invoked
>by something outside of AISC?

Our scope statements in the AISC Specification and AISC Seismic Provisions
indicate that the limits we have considered in writing the document is
building applications. That does not mean you can't apply it to something
other than a building. People do it all the time. You just have to use your
judgement as to how that application differs.

To aid this for the future, we just commissioned a non-building structures
committee, which I anticipate will develop a roadmap for broadening AISC's
scope to non building structures.

>And that AISC is silent in terms of
>applicability of any/all seismic
>provisions applied to steel structure
>"Components" (IBC 1621) and
>"Non-building Structures" (IBC 1622)?

Educate me a bit on what this means and I may be able to help you.

>While the current NEHRP Provisions seem
>to close most or all of the gaps in
>applicability for steel structures, I
>am not aware of anything in the world
>of the UBC and IBC that does.  It seems
>that non-building industrial
>facilities, for example, if designed
>under UBC/IBC, are exempt from the AISC
>Seismic Provisions.  For essential and
>hazardous facilities especially, this
>seems like a very vulnerable loophole...

The AISC Seismic Provisions and the structural steel portions of the NEHRP
Provisions are jointly and cooperatively developed to maintain consistency
between them. Then, the IBC bases its provisions on the NEHRP/AISC Seismic
Provisions. It's a nice system that has simplified and streamlined steel
design for any of you who use the IBC. NFPA also uses the same set-up and is
AISC-based for steel design.


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