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RE: 2x4 stud walls in High Wind areas

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Hi Nick,
Have you looked into using the FrameWorks LSL Wall System from Trus Joist (1-800-628-3997)?
Their literature appears to be exactly what you are looking for.
I would guess that there is a significant premium to be paid for using this type of system over conventional S-P-F #2. 
If this still does not work,  have you considered heavy gauge 3.625" steel studs?
Wouldn't it still be cheaper to use conventional 2x6 wood stud framing in lieu of these wafer thin wall framing options?
Good Luck
Dave Nuttall, P.E.
Green Bay, WI
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Subject: 2x4 stud walls in High Wind areas

I'm in 85mph exp C country and have a contractor wanting to build a home with 2x4 at 16" oc walls, with 10' plate height. I have about 550 plf down (DL plus snow). I can get close on the stress, but deflection is killing it, especially with a stucco finish. I'm getting the usual, " The last engineer I used had no problem with it". Contractors look table 23-IV-B in the '97 UBC and see that a 2x4 wall should go 10'  supporting one floor and the roof. I realize that this table does not apply in high wind areas, which I am in, and that it's the 85 mph wind that is killing the 2x4.
I'm looking for some input - have others found a way to get a 10' (plate to plate) 2x4 wall to figure?
Nick Bingham