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Re: 2x4 stud walls in High Wind areas

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What grade lumber are you using for the 2x4 studs when checking the stresses?
The framer is going to use "stud" grade no matter what you specify and I doubt
you will get the studs to calc out using those stresses. Stick with the 2x6
studs in a high wind/Exposure "C" area.

Larry Hauer

On Mon, 9 Dec 2002 09:02:52 -0800 Nick Bingham <NickB(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> I'm in 85mph exp C country and 
> have a contractor wanting to build a home with
> 2x4 at 16" oc walls, with 10' 
> plate height. I have about 550 plf down (DL
> plus snow). I can get close on the 
> stress, but deflection is killing it,
> especially with a stucco finish. I'm 
> getting the usual, " The last engineer I used
> had no problem with it". 
> Contractors look table 23-IV-B in the '97 UBC
> and see that a 2x4 wall should go 
> 10'  supporting one floor and the roof. I
> realize that this table does not 
> apply in high wind areas, which I am in, and
> that it's the 85 mph wind that is 
> killing the 2x4. 
> I'm looking for some input - 
> have others found a way to get a
> 10' (plate to plate) 2x4 wall to 
> figure?
> Thanks!
> Nick 
> Bingham

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